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Welcome to St. Peter's, Bexhill-on-Sea. There has been a church on this site since the year 772 AD when King Offa the Mighty granted a gift of land by Royal Charter.

Come 2022, we shall be celebrating 1,250 years of Christian worship and prayer being offered on the hill which overlooks our town and the sea beyond.

It is amazing to think that when William the Conqueror landed on the Sussex shore in 1066 he would have passed our little Saxon church on the hill on his way to defeat King Harold at the Battle of Hastings. The church of St. Peter had been erected almost 300 years before the first Norman King of England passed this way prior to his coronation in Westminster Abbey on Christmas Day in the same year following his victory at Battle. ÎOver a hundred years after William's conquest St. Richard of Chichester would have regularly worshipped in the larger Norman church which replaced the original Saxon structure.

So when we in the 21st century worship at St. Peter's we are literally following in the footsteps of the saints. It is quite humbling and an enormous privilege to be able to be part of the long stream of people who have for many centuries worshipped God in our much loved and growing parish church. We offer a wide variety of worship and activities both in church and in the neighbouring St. Peter's Community Centre. We warmly welcome you to join us.

Every Blessing in Jesus' Name,

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11:00 - 14:00 Sundays

10-14 Wednesday