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Parish Development Strategy

In 2014 the parish of St. Peter's and St. Michael's  Bexhill identified as a major priority its need to work more effectively and closely with Families and Children.

A mission grant from the Diocese of Chichester was applied for and granted for three year and Janine Scothern was after interviews appointed and started work in January 2016.

The expectations of her task as listed in her job description are

  1.  To advise and support the organisers of current activities involving children.
  2.  To facilitate the environment when children and families can happily work  together.
  3.  To make and build contacts and find volunteer helpers for the main activities of both St. Peter's and St. Michael's churches.
  4. To develop, co-ordinate and oversee the outreach of the churches mission to   children and families in the parish
  5. In conjunction with the Rector to liaise with St Peter and St Paul School and to  establish contact with Pebsham school

To enable her to be effective her management committee asked her to construct a strategy to lead the parish forward in its work with Children and Families.

She convened a group of parishioners with interests in Children and Families and duly presented the strategy to the PCC of the Bexhill Team Ministry and it was approved unanimously at its meeting on the 31st January 2018.

During her time with the parish she has developed greatly its work with Children and Families and consequently she has had her contract extended for a further 18 months and this cost will be borne by the Parish.

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